3 Home Renovation Myths Busted

ByClaire Briggs
Before selling real estate, many owners look towards adding value to their home to ensure they get the most out of the sale. If this sounds like you, chances are you’ve thought about performing a few renovations and alterations here and there.
However, before you head down to the local tool shop and whip out your credit card, you’ll need to figure out the type and extent of your renovations.
Many homeowners seemingly jump the gun and don’t fully think their renovation plans through. In this instance, speaking to a real estate agent about the types of renovations you have in mind and how it might affect the sale price is the best way to plan ahead.
Another strategy is to inform yourself of common misconceptions about performing renovations on your slice of residential real estate.

The interior is the only area that counts

If this is one myth you firmly believe in, it’s likely you haven’t given much thought to the street appeal of your home. As the exterior of your property is the first sight that many prospective buyers will see when they come to view your home, it’s crucial you spend some time and money to ensure this area looks presentable and attractive.

Adding a pool will make my home more desirable

While installing a pool to your property may make it more desirable to some buyers, it may not be a feature on the top of every home buyer’s list. Pools can not only be expensive to add to your home, but they can be a pricey ongoing cost for whoever purchases your home. From regular cleaning to heating and filling it, the costs can add up to a summable amount. If you’re looking to make a large addition to your home, consider adding a garage, extra room or ensuite to make your property appeal to a wider pool of buyers.

I should do my own renovations instead of hiring a professional

You might have painted a few kitchen cabinets or walls in your time, but are you well versed in how to lay tiles or connect a toilet up to your home’s plumbing system? In some instances, it’s best to leave the job up to a professional. Although this might come at a price, it is better to employ the services of someone who is experienced and have the job done right, rather than potentially exposing yourself to a dangerous task and performing it incorrectly.

If you’re thinking of selling and considering some home improvements, call our agents today to discuss the best ways to add value to your property. 9275 7777.

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