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3 Ways to Make Your Home Cosy in Winter

By Claire Briggs
The temperature has begun to drop in many places around the country, which means winter is hot on our heels. If you have just moved into a new home or you’re about to list your current one on the  market, you might want to think about making your property more appealing and comfortable during the colder months.

There are many things you can do to your home to provide a warm, cosy atmosphere, giving you – or potential buyers – a nice environment to spend those colder days and nights in.

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces

Nothing is more inviting than a warm, flickering fireplace in a softly lit living room, coupled with the light, earthy aroma of firewood. A fireplace is a perfect addition for households in cooler parts of the country that want to add a little extra warmth during the winter months. If used correctly at a low-combustion setting, a fireplace could even be a more eco-friendly option compared to gas or electric powered heaters.

Outdoor fireplaces are great for those who love to entertain and can be a unique selling point for your home. Picture eating a meal with family or friends on the patio or deck by the fireplace on a brisk winter night. You could even create a lovely outdoor living area through the use of a fireplace and some comfortable outdoor furniture.

Window seats

While it might be too cold outside to enjoy it, the winter months can still bring a decent amount of sunshine. Instead of sulking inside and suffering from the winter blues, you could install window seats inside your home to take advantage of the sunshine during the day.

By installing some hollow benches next to windows that see a decent amount of sun every day, you can add some extra storage to your home. Simply top them with some comfy cushions or padding and you’ll have a great area to sit back, read a book and enjoy the warm winter sun.

Curtains and shades

Thick thermal-backed curtains and shade screens are a must-have for winter. Not only can they help to keep the heat inside the home, they can also be useful in the summer when you want to keep heat out.

As winter can be a damp season in many parts of the country, it pays to have these window fittings treated for mould to inhibit growth during the season.

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