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4 tips for selling your home’s exterior

By Claire Briggs

When you’re looking to sell your home, there are undoubtedly important aspects of the interior that demand attention: bathrooms and kitchen are always noted as rooms that can sell a house on their own. However, before any prospective buyer gets into the home to see these rooms, they’re going to make their way past your front door. And what does the front of your house say about you? It’s the first impression on people, so let’s make it a good one.

Landscape to impress

Landscaping to sell is a fine art: you want your green areas to look pristine, but you can’t go overboard or buyers may be put off. Upgrading your plant containers is always a good place to start, using neutral colours and striking shapes to command attention from the street, but without being intimidating. Check your irrigation if installed, and make sure to plan well ahead! If you have specific plants you want in your garden when it comes to sell, think a season or two ahead and plant accordingly.

Are you synced up?

You may have installed some excellent French curtains over winter, but do they match the rest of the house? Consistency across your architecture will be important, as it gives your home a confident air. Check your colour schemes – make sure they are also warm and inviting, and you’ll have people admiring your home from the street regardless of whether there is a ‘for sale’ sign!

Don’t forget the little things

Even something like your house numbers can become an eye-catching talking point with the right embellishments. Make them bold and clear – it also means buyers won’t have any problems working out where your property is. The same goes for your mailbox – quirky designs may be charming to some but a simpler, bold design will be more inviting to prospective buyers. Frame your outdoor lighting with wonderful lanterns to catch the eye at evening.

Colour your lawn

Nothing grabs attention quite like the splash of colour that a well-placed patch of lavender or roses can provide, and it creates a beautiful approach to your home. Consider using mulch around flower beds for a further colour contrast, and this mix of hues with the green lawn will have people commenting on it in droves.
Be bold and inviting with your front lawn, and the rest of it will sell easily!

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