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4 Uses For A Spare Room

By Claire Briggs
Those looking to sell their property in the near future may want to ensure their home is ready for an open inspection. You want your place to look as good as it possibly can, using interior design techniques to highlight its best features and lure in potential investors.
One room that is often neglected in the preparation for an open inspection is the spare room. If yours has turned into a storage space over the years, it may look more like a junkyard than an exciting additional feature.Instead of letting a whole spare room go to waste, here are four creative ways you can show it off to potential buyers.


Young families will be looking for a home that has enough room for their children, so what better way to get their attention than with a charming nursery? Temporarily decorate your spare room with a bassinet, baby toys and other essentials to appeal to mothers and fathers. Alternatively, you could put in bunk beds to show how it could be used as a young child’s bedroom or even for two kids to share.

Home office

Thanks to the internet and rise in popularity of flexible working arrangements, many people now have the option to work from home. Appeal to young professionals by turning your spare room into a fun office. Rent or borrow a big, beautiful desk and a bookshelf. These simple additions can transform a plain room into a beautiful home working space.

Art studio

Want to add in a feature that will really capture everyone’s attention? Bright colours and vibrant textures tend to turn heads. Add a splash of colour to your home by transforming the spare room into an art studio. Set up an easel in the corner, display a range of paints and voila, you have your very own creative hub.

Yoga retreat

Another excellent way to maximise a spare room’s potential is to turn it into a soothing yoga retreat. A yoga mat, exercise towels, stereo system and some gorgeous scented candles may just make the spare room look like the very best space in the house!

Whatever use you decide to give your spare room, be sure to pay attention to the final touches. Displaying gorgeous stationery in a home office or hanging a tasteful mobile above a baby’s bassinet will add a little extra sparkle to your property and help ensure your open inspection is a success.

Once you have transformed your spare room, contact our office for an obligationfree appraisal to see how much your property is now worth!

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