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Al Fresco Homes: Ideas For Outdoor Dining Areas

By Claire Briggs
Nothing says summer like eating outdoors. Enjoying a beautiful meal in the evening is the perfect way to cap off a long day in the sun. There’s just something about eating outside that ignites the senses!
Al Fresco dining is all the more enjoyable if you have the appropriate outdoor space. If you feel you’re lacking in this department, you may want to embark on a few DIY projects this month to get your home ready for those balmy summer evenings.
Improving the indoor-outdoor flow of your property will also help to increase its value when the time comes to sell. A win-win situation!
Here are a few ways to create the perfect Al Fresco dining experience in your very own backyard.

First things first: Build the basics

Before you even start thinking about what’s on your Al Fresco summer menu, you need to ensure you have some basic outdoor infrastructure in place. Fortunately, this is the fun part – there are plenty of options to choose from.
Whether you want to build a new wooden deck to make the most of backyard views or a quaint paved patio area with a pizza oven, you can’t go wrong. Start browsing through garden magazines today to pick the right look to suit your home.
Hot tip: If you have a small outdoor space, make the most of it by building a flat patio. This will allow you to use every corner, rather than letting the edges of your garden be overrun with weeds. To add some greenery, simply choose gorgeous flowerpots or plant a small herb patch.

The finishing touches: Furniture & decorations

Once you have your basic infrastructure in place you can start adding personal style by putting final touches in place. Often the look and feel of an outdoor area comes down to the type of furniture you pick. Would you like an old-fashioned picnic table or a stone granite slab? Or perhaps you’d prefer outdoor bean bags and hammocks for a more casual feel?
Then there is picking decorations such as fairy lights, pot plants, outdoor tiles and artwork. Styling your outdoor area is the perfect way to add a touch of individuality.
With that done and dusted, you can start thinking about the food! If the setting is right, your guests are bound to enjoy the Al Fresco dining experience no matter what’s on the menu.

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