Clever storage solutions for your home

ByClaire Briggs

Storage is a crucial component in any home, but if you’re fed up of the usual shelves and drawers then it’s time to get a little more creative.
Here are some ideas for handy storage solutions that can prove useful in your real estate.

Hooks, plenty of hooks

Doors are a great place to store items but can often be underutilised in the home. It doesn’t matter whether you need somewhere to hang your apron in the kitchen or a place to hang school bags, hooks can prove really valuable.
The best part is that there are so many different styles available, meaning you can choose one that’s suited to the decor of your property.

Creative headboards

Headboards have experienced something of a popularity boost over recent years, so why not add one to your bedroom?
Play your cards right and it can double up as a handy place to store items. Either integrate a shelf to put your knick knacks on, or if you opt for a box-like version, include drawers to keep items hidden away.

Maximise your recesses

Many homes – and particularly older properties – have recesses that you might not be making the most of.
Think about using them for keeping items out of the way, or putting them on display. They’re perfect candidates for storing candles and other decorative products in your home.

Invest in baskets

Baskets are an inexpensive yet effective way of stowing items away and they look great in any room of the house.
It doesn’t matter whether you need to keep spice jars out of views in the kitchen or bathroom products in a more orderly place, baskets are a practical solution.

Vacuum storage bags

Most households have spare bedding and towels they only use when visitors come to stay, which is why you might want to think about investing in some vacuum bag storage.
Simply put all your linens in the bag and remove the excess air with a vacuum cleaner. This means they can fit into a much smaller space, such as under your bed or in the top of a wardrobe.

Feel the (magnetic) force

Magnets are an often overlooked and handy tool in the home. Think about installing a magnetic strip in your kitchen to keep your knives and other utensils out of the way when they’re not needed.
You might find other uses for them throughout the home as well, there’s just no knowing where your imagination may take you!

Extra storage space is a key feature that potential buyers seek out when looking for a home to purchase.

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