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Five ways to beat the sun

By Claire Briggs
If you’re an outdoor person, it can be difficult to find the right home for sale, especially if you seek protection from the elements. If you love dining outside or having a sheltered area for kids to play, there are many options you could consider – they can be wonderful renovation projects to undertake over spring.

Retractable awning

These can be tricky, so employ some experts if need be. However, once installed they are incredibly versatile, and can lift from your outdoor roof manually or even automatically with weather triggers! They are great for shading around the immediate outside of the house, and also come in handy with protecting windows from the elements.

Sail shades

For the modern look and a striking feature for your garden area, a shade sail is hard to pass by. By hooking into the home, poles or trees from three or more points, they offer state-of-the-art, durable protection for smaller areas. To cover more space, try using multiple shade sails – they will catch the eye while simultaneously protecting you from the sun.

Extended roof

The permanent, heavy duty solution. It will require more investment in your property, but is something that will immediately add strong value to your real estate if you choose to sell. It also offers a dry space outdoors all year round – the protection will likely be so sound that you can set up outdoor fires or braziers during the colder months.


A pergola doesn’t offer as much protection as a roof extension, but it can be much more aesthetically pleasing, also giving you the ability to hang drapes off it, or perhaps use some roses or climbing flowers to give your outdoor area a truly romantic look. If you wish to use this or a roof extension, make sure to check if you need to get a planning permit!

Nature’s best

Of course, if you find a property that has the right tree, none of this is even necessary. A gigantic tree can provide the shade you need all summer long, as well as being a beautiful addition to a yard. And then when autumn comes around, it will shed its leaves, maximising the direct sunlight that you can soak up as the days get shorter.

With these handy ideas, you will be adding shade, fun and value to your home in no time at all. Why not arrange for a valuation of your property before and after your DIY projects to see how much value has been added? Call Ray White Uxcel on (08) 9275 7777 or complete the form below.

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