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Four Space Saving Solutions for your Kitchen

By Claire Briggs

One feature many people hunt for when they look at homes for sale is a spacious kitchen, although not every property will fit the bill.

If your home is on the market and kitchen is a little more compact than you might like, it’s worth thinking of ways to maximise the space.

These don’t have to be inexpensive measures – there are some key space saving techniques that can make your kitchen the perfect area for cooking and entertaining in.

1. Make the most of the walls

Walls are often a forgotten about component of any space – and the kitchen is no exception. Free up your work surfaces by using hooks and other handy gadgets to hang your items.

This can be great for mugs, utensils and anything else that lends itself to being hung up.

Don’t forget you can also install shelving, which is great for keeping jars and other items out of reach.

2. Window sills

Take a look at your window sill and ask yourself whether you’re making the most of the area. If it’s currently collecting dust then why not think about putting it to better use?

You could use it to hold recipe books or other items you struggle to find space for. Avoid keeping your spices, tea and coffee in direct sunlight, however, as this can impair the flavour.

3. Tidy your cupboards

Many of us like to think that our kitchen cupboards are full to the brim, but in reality this might not quite be the case.

Every so often it’s worthwhile making an effort to tidy out your cupboards. This gives you the chance to get rid of anything you’re unlikely to use again and put everything back in an orderly fashion.

You’ll be surprised just how much extra room is created with a little organisation – think about using baskets and boxes if you’re at risk of slipping back into bad habits.

4. Choose the right table and chairs

If you’ve got space for a table and chairs in your kitchen then ask yourself whether they fit well into the space. Although it can be tempting to move furniture from one home to another, it might not quite work in your new space.

Chairs without arms are great if space is at a premium – and they’ll be more comfortable for your dinner guests, too, if the area is a little cramped.

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