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How To Make Moving House A Breeze

By Claire Briggs

Moving homes is an omnipresent part of real estate in Australia. The Concierge service, completely free to Ray White clients, exists to smoothen the process and make your life as easy as possible.
Fortunately, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the majority of Australians move house for positive reasons – like upgrading to a bigger or better home, becoming a first home buyer, taking up new work or an educational opportunity or moving in with a partner.
Despite the exciting prospects of starting anew – regardless of whether it’s in a different state, city, neighbourhood or even one house up the street – moving your belongings and setting up utilities and the like can be a very stressful process.
In fact, E.ON commissioned a recent survey of 2000 UK adults who had moved houses in the last three years. Here are some of the findings.

Moving stress

• Of the list of moments provided by E.ON, moving house was voted life’s most stressful occasion
• It was placed ahead of divorce and starting a new job
• The whole moving process took, on average, three months
• Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) said that they still aren’t entirely settled in their new homes
While the survey was done in the UK, it can be applied to real estate in Australia to an extent.

What is the Concierge service?

A free service for Ray White customers that takes care of the stressful components of moving homes, to help you enjoy your new abode right from the start.

What about my insurance and home loan?

Once you’ve got the keys, you’ll have the option of 30 days’ complimentary home and contents insurance, meaning you’ll be covered from the get go. Furthermore, with our home finance partner Loan Market, we can conduct a full Home Loan Health Check to ensure you are getting the best and most suitable rates.

Will I have to sort out the utilities before I move in?

The short answer? Yes, you do. Fortunately, with the Concierge assistance, we will complete the process for you and get your new home up and running with gas, electricity, phone, internet and pay TV – all you have to do is indicate your preferred suppliers.

What if I can’t fit all of my belongings in?

When it comes time to move home, we always have those odd things that have no place but we just can’t bear to throw away. That’s why we’ll provide an exclusive storage deal, where you buy the first month’s worth and we’ll pay for the second. This should provide enough time to make a decision on the fate of your possessions!

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