How to make the best use of a small space

ByClaire Briggs
Whether you’re selling apartments or smaller houses, chances are you want to make your property look its best.
But when you’re working with a small space, it can be hard to make it look neat, tidy and presentable for open inspections.
Fortunately, there are many ways you can change this and make your small space look better.

Reconsider your furniture

Can’t move from one side of the room to another without bumping into the coffee table? Or maybe you can’t close the lounge door because the couch is in the way. If that’s the case, you probably need to think about finding furniture to fit your home.
For small rooms and spaces, buy furniture that is visually light weight. This could include couches and cushions that are light in colour, and even chairs and seating that have space underneath.
You can also rearrange furniture to make the best use of the space you have. Place furniture in the centre of the room away from the walls to give the illusion there’s extra space.

Use paint and mirrors

These two tools are very handy to have if you want to make a space look bigger. Painting the walls a pale, neutral colour, such as white or cream shades, helps to make the room look expansive. Place mirrors near windows and doors to reflect light onto the walls, and make sure your furniture matches the overall colour scheme.
You don’t want your home to end up looking like a medical facility, though. Feel free to add small bursts of colour throughout to contrast with the neutral shades.

Install storage

The one problem about storage is that most homes never seem to have enough of it. If your property is on the smaller side, think about ways you can increase your storage capability without making it look overcrowded.
Hidden storage is a good option, as items will be kept out of sight. Consider seating with storage underneath or even drawers under the stairs.
For bedrooms and lounges, there’s always nesting tables. When they’re not in use, simply stack them so they can’t be seen.

Think vertically

If you have high stud ceilings or space above head height, make use of it! Hooks and small shelves are great for this. Just make sure that whatever you store there is neatly arranged.
To seamlessly tie these into your room’s decor, make sure hooks or shelves are the same colour as your walls. Feel free to add a bit of colour with the items that you’re storing. You might even want to organise your things by colour for a great effect.

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