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Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

By Claire Briggs

It can sometimes feel like both a blessing and a curse that Australia enjoys piping hot summers. While there’s nothing nicer than a day relaxing by the beach, for most of summer people have to go about their everyday lives – and this can be near impossible in the sweltering heat.

You can’t control the temperature outside but you can equip your home to be comfortable during hot days. Not only will this save your sanity over the coming months, it may also add value to your property when the time comes to sell – a house equipped with cooling mechanisms is bound to appeal to anyone who has had to make it through an unconditioned summer.

Here are three easy DIY ways to keep your home cool over the hot months:

Install ceiling fans

An oldie but a goodie, there is a lot to be said for the classic ceiling fan. Simple and easy to install, these great mechanisms are much cheaper than air conditioning but do a great job of cooling down a room.

Unlike air con machines, they can also be left on when the doors are open, allowing you to enjoy fresh air without sweltering. Stand-alone fans are also a good option for smaller rooms or home offices.

Purchase good curtains

Closing the curtains can seem counterintuitive in the heat, but sometimes it’s the best option. As curtains help to keep the heat in during winter, they can help to keep the heat out during summer. The last thing you want is sunlight to stream in and undo all the hard work of your fans or air conditioning.

A great compromise is hanging up some mesh curtains. These can help to minimise the amount of direct sunlight while also improving the privacy of your home – perfect for rooms that face out onto the road or towards neighbours.

Install an air conditioning unit

Last but not least, the wide prevalence of air conditioning units means they are not the costly investment they once were. Now affordable, they are almost essential for any home in a particularly hot part of Australia.

If you live somewhere where the temperature often gets up to over 35 degrees, an air conditioning unit will likely transform your home from a furnace to a comfortable haven!

For more DIY tips on how to add value to your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at Ray White Uxcel on 9275 7777.

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