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Make sure your luxury bathroom ticks all the right boxes

By Claire Briggs

Marketing a luxury property to potential renters isn’t always easy, especially if you’re looking for a point of difference to set yours apart from the crowd.
One factor that can persuade would-be tenants to choose your rental property over another is the bathroom. Although people may spend a relatively short space of time in there each day, it nevertheless plays an important role in any property.
No matter whether your renters are young professionals, retirees or even a family, a top quality bathroom can be a real deal maker.
Here are some tips to make sure your bathroom is top of the pile when it comes to an inspection.

Let the light in

Nobody likes a dark bathroom. Although sitting back with the candles lit at the end of a hectic day can be appealing, the last thing you want first thing in the morning is to be presented with a dreary space.
Choosing the right colour scheme will help your bathroom appear more inviting, which is why you’ll usually see pale hues and often even white in this space.
If you do want to give your tenants the option of a relaxing candle-lit bath, invest in a blackout blind that they can pull down when they need it.

Plenty of storage

Another sign of a luxury bathroom is all the clutter being out of sight, so make sure you give plenty of storage options to your renters.
Whether you install an under-sink unit or cabinets to keep all those lotions out of sight, this can go a long way towards giving the impression of luxury.

Don’t cut back on the bath

No luxury bathroom is complete without a bath. While a shower might be great for a quick freshen up, make sure you also give the option of a long soak in the tub.
Think about how the bath will fit into the space as well. Although it’ll undoubtedly be a major feature, it shouldn’t take up so much room that the area feels cramped.

His and hers sinks

There are probably far too Many domestic household disagreements that arise as a result of the simplest things like who has left what out in the bathroom This is why you might want to consider investing in a dual sink.
You can not only keep arguments at bay but also make sure everyone has their own personal space – something tenants are sure to appreciate when looking around your rental property.

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