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Setting Your Price

By Claire Briggs

What is your property worth?

During the course of selling your home, one of the most important decisions to make is the property’s asking price, or its reserve if selling at auction. You need to ensure that you set a price that reflects the full market value of the property, but is also realistic and remains attractive to buyers. A few factors to consider when determining the value include location, size and age.

The next step is to find homes with features similar to yours and check how much they have sold for. A good starting point would be to look in real estate agents’ windows, or search past property sales to give you an indication of selling prices and asking prices of similar properties.

Changes in the state of the economy and the property market may affect the value of your home. Your real estate agent can advise you on how the sale of your home may be affected by:

  • Fluctuations in interest rates
  • Property availability
  • Buyer demand
  • Market opinions and valuations
  • At Ray White Uxcel, we offer free appraisals to all potential sellers. Our sales representatives will visit your property and provide you with a detailed market summary, which includes information on properties that are currently on the market with similar features and properties with similar features that have sold recently. We use this information to then present you with sale price we think your property could achieve.

    Click here to request a free appraisal for your property.

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