Slide into style this summer

ByClaire Briggs
If you’re looking ahead to buying or selling real estate this season, it will be important to make sure your home will handle hotter temperatures well.
One easy way to do this? Sliding doors, and here is why.

Much, much more space

Where traditional swinging doors can cramp up hallways and not offer much in terms of space, sliding doors can offer you much more room to get around. By getting a slider, you can have your door move behind a cabinet or look like a wonderful piece of the wall, and make your home appear far more spacious. You won’t ever have the embarrassment or pain of opening a door into a loved one either!

Keeping the flow

Sliding doors are an excellent way of opening up your living area to the outdoors, letting in the sun and breeze during the hot months. But you don’t have to stop at the exterior walls of your home – it is worth considering sliders between the living room and dining room as well, maybe even your kitchen. This way you can open up a wonderful indoor-outdoor flow right through your home, which is perfect for those summer barbecue nights.

Opening the view

Does your home for sale have a corner view that just needs to be seen to be believed? Look into corner sliding doors, to open up a whole slice of your home to the outside area. This one isn’t just great for the dinner, it is a hit at parties where people can mingle between the lounge and the ocean views by just taking two steps to the left. Another nice touch, if you need them, is to use glass guardrails so balcony fencing does not obstruct your view.

Screening out unwanted guests

Of course, depending on your location there can be issues with bugs and pests. Including a detachable screen when you install sliding doors can save you countless hours of swatting and spraying. They don’t have to stay up 24 hours a day, but will prove invaluable when you want the sun and breeze as part of your Sunday afternoon, but without uninvited flying intruders.
With sliding doors in place, you won’t be able to help but see yourself relaxing in the sun. It’s the perfect preparation for your summer, or to entice any potential buyer.

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