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Three edibles you should plant for summer

By Claire Briggs
We’re a few weeks into Spring now, which means summer is just around the corner.
If you’ve just bought a new property for sale and are keen to get digging in the garden, have you thought about planting edibles?
Not only can they turn a bare back yard into a lush garden, but you can also cut down your weekly grocery bills with the produce that you grow. They’re also fun for the kids – who doesn’t love picking fresh strawberries straight from the garden?

Here are three edibles you can think about planting in the next few weeks:


There are many varieties of herbs that you can grow year-round.
Think about what kinds of food you cook during the week. If Italian is part of your household’s weekly menu, consider a bay tree, oregano and thyme. You can also think about what herbs you’ll enjoy for the summer and start getting those seeds germinating!
Coriander, basil, Thai basil and Italian parsley are all fantastic additions to any food lover’s herb patch.


They’re an Australian favourite – a fantastic addition to any pavlova, a perfect option for a snack and are so easy to grow. Now is the time to get your seedlings ready so you can enjoy fresh-picked strawberries come summertime.
Whether they’re in a basket, planter box or other places in your garden, make sure to keep these plants covered in netting. If you don’t, you might find the birds will get to your berries before you have a chance!

Deciduous fruit trees

Blueberries, apples, nectarines, pears, plums – these are all deciduous fruit trees that you can start prepping for the summer season. Don’t be afraid to think about exotic deciduous varieties, either.
If you already have some deciduous fruit trees in the back yard, winter time is usually the period that you prune them back and weed them.
Keep in mind that fruit trees need a lot of sunlight, loads of space to grow and good drainage. Look for spaces in your backyard that check all three of these boxes.

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