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Three ideas for your rooftop

By Claire Briggs
Homes for sale need to look their absolute best when they hit the market. After all, a property for sale that stands out from the others will do a much better job at grabbing the attention of prospective buyers.
If you’ve got a flat rooftop that’s currently sitting unused, why not turn this into an entertainment area?
Rooftop spaces are usually found on top of terraced houses or apartments and can become a great unique selling point for your property. They’re also a perfect part of the home to utilise if your property doesn’t have much room for entertaining guests.
Consider these three ideas to convert this unused space into a fantastic feature for your home!

BBQ and dining area

Does your rooftop see a lot of sun during the day and early evening? Have you got a fantastic view from the top of your property? If so, your rooftop could make the perfect setting for evening dinners and family entertainment.
Purchase a small BBQ for sausage sizzles and vegetable grilling, a wooden picnic table and a couple of extra tables to create an outdoor dining and cooking area.
For a more formal setting, go with a sleek stainless steel table and matching chairs.
Last but not least, don’t forget about lighting! For a more intimate feel, use candles and lamps on table tops or hang up lanterns.

Rooftop garden

Growing veggies and flowers on your rooftop is a great solution if you don’t have a backyard. For a low maintenance vegetable garden, plant green beans, tomatoes, basil, coriander, parsley and different types of lettuces in pots or planter boxes.
Strawberries are another easy-to-grow favourite, but make sure you keep these covered in netting. Otherwise you might find the pests get to them before you do!
For a floral garden, don’t be afraid to go bold with colour. Orange and yellow calendulas, pink dahlias, purple geraniums and bright, white violets are all easy to grow and look fantastic most of the year round. Hang them up in baskets, plant them in boxes and pots or mount them on the wall to make your rooftop pop with colour.

Entertainment or relaxation zone

Whether it’s enjoying a glass of wine with friends or reading a book in the sun, your rooftop can become a great spot to entertain and chill out. Grab a couple of sun loungers, a big umbrella for shade or a free-standing hammock and you’ve created the ultimate relaxation space.
If your apartment, townhouse or unit is governed by an owners corporation, make sure you check the guidelines before making any changes to your rooftop.

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