Three tips for creating the perfect garage workspace

ByClaire Briggs
Often, when people think about selling their real estate, they picture ways to add value to it. From extra bedrooms and a new paint job to creating a functional space, these can all make your home potentially more valuable.
One idea for adding value to your home, whether you’re looking to sell or if you’ve just moved in, is to create a workshop in your garage. Not only will this give your home a unique selling point, it makes it more functional, too.
The garage doesn’t have to just be a place to store your car or your junk. Instead, it can become a part of your property for projects or even a home working space if you’re self-employed. Here’s how to do it.

Clear out the junk

What do you do if you have lots of furniture and memorabilia but no where to put it in your house? Its likely you’ll just chuck it in the garage and think about it later.
This can cause a huge headache down the line, especially if you end up accumulating large amounts of stuff over the years. This could be bits of broken furniture, old appliances, school records for your kids or any other random objects.
Make a point to clear out all your junk – whether it’s taking it to the tip or having a garage sale.

Think about storage

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the clutter in your garage, you can start to think about storage for things you want to keep. In your garage, you typically have lots of room for overhead storage. Install a rack from the ceiling and store things like ladders, fishing rods, garden equipment or even crates.
You can also inspect your walls and see if you have enough room for shelves – as long as they won’t jut out and put a scratch in your car!

Set up your workspace

Finally, once your garage is looking spic-and-span, you can start setting up your functional workspace.
Think about what you’ll be using it for. Is it for hobby woodworking? Perhaps a home office? This will give you an idea of the equipment you need and how to set it up.
If it’s a home office, find a desk, chair and cabinets that will easily fit into the space. For crafts and hobbies, you’ll need a working bench and a place to store all your tools.

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