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Top tips for sprucing up your living space on a budget

By Claire Briggs
Renovating real estate in Australia can often seem like a costly task, but with some carefully thought out changes you could make a real difference without splashing the cash.
No matter whether you’ve got a limited budget or none at all, you should find that creating a new look is easier than you think.

Rearrange the furniture

Has your living space been in the same configuration for years, or even since you moved in? Simply moving key pieces of furniture can make it seem as good as new – and for no cost at all.
For example, you might want to think about switching your sofas round or perhaps substituting some furniture with items from other rooms.

Try a feature wall

If you’re not in the mood for painting an entire room, a feature wall can go a long way towards making your space seem as good as new.
Depending on the size of the wall you shouldn’t need too much paint or wallpaper or too many preparation tools, helping to keep your costs right down.

Striking features

Every room should have a few statement pieces, but there’s no reason why yours should break the bank.
A striking lamp or vase can make a real difference and without much cost at all – you might even find there are pieces in other areas of your home that can benefit from being relocated.

Eliminate clutter

One aspect of a room that you’ll want to think about keeping to a minimum is clutter – this can make a space seem much smaller than it is and cause a distraction.
Whether your house is for sale or you’re simply looking for ways to make it more homey, investing in storage solutions is the best way to keep clutter at bay.

Soft furnishings

If you can’t afford to buy a new sofa and want to give your old one a new lease of life, it’s surprising what a big difference soft furnishings can make.
Throws and cushions are relatively inexpensive and can make your living area seem more vibrant. The best part is you can alter them as your colour scheme and tastes change.

Spring cleaning

Summer is just around the corner, so why not use it as the perfect opportunity to give your living area a deep clean?
You’ll be amazed how much of a difference it can make – shampoo your carpet and get your curtains dry cleaned and you won’t be disappointed.

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