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What To Look For In A Luxury Lifestyle Property

By Claire Briggs

The big city life isn’t for everyone. The noise, bright lights, long traffic queues and almost endless commutes in metropolitan areas can certainly make you dream of living a quiet country life. But your search for a quieter lifestyle doesn’t have to just begin in the suburbs – you might end up looking in more regional parts of Australia.
Outside of big metropolitan areas, you’ll find larger lots of land and luxurious residential real estate to suit. The tricky part can be picking the best property for your own individual needs.

What is a lifestyle property?

Lifestyle properties come in all shapes and sizes. From small hobby farms like vineyards or orchards to countryside villas, there are many options to help you achieve the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
These could be located on the edge of outer suburbs in larger towns or in more remote parts of the country.

What is your goal?

Before you begin looking for a lifestyle property, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions about your goal. Are you looking to supplement your income through a home business? Are you searching for a quiet haven for retirement? Are you looking for a self-sustainable lifestyle? Or are you after a countryside home to spend your weekends?
If it’s a small home business that you’re looking for, you might want to narrow this down further. Will it be used for guest accommodation like a bed and breakfast? Will you need acres of land for plants or animals?
After you’ve thought long and hard about what you want from a lifestyle property, you can then start looking at what’s on the market.

Is it close to amenities?

When you move into regional parts of the country, you might not have the same convenience as you did in the city. Simply walking two blocks down to the shops or the bus station probably won’t be easily achievable in the countryside. However, you can still find properties in areas with great local amenities.
If you have kids, check out the nearest schools and find out if they have a bus system that will get your children to school and back each day. Take a look at the neighbourhood to see if it has regular meetings or a committee that you can join. Often, tight-knit countryside communities make a great place to raise kids and will often hold local events for everyone to enjoy.
Finding the best luxury lifestyle property to suit your needs doesn’t have to be hard. With the right help and advice from a specialist real estate agent you can get the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

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