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Openn Negotiation

Openn Negotiation is the new way to negotiate property openly and fairly. Feel satisfied your home sold at it’s true market value.

Openn Negotiation is a simple online bidding process designed to be open and fair for both buyers and sellers. It cuts out any confusion or game playing, making the process of buying and selling efficient, transparent and far less stressful than it often can be. The Openn Negotiation process enables buyers, sellers and real estate agents to feel confident they will achieve the best result possible.

What is Openn?

Openn Negotiation is a platform that provides you with transparency of all competing offers that are made toward the purchase of your property, so you can be certain that the best price has been achieved.

This means that as a seller, you are not kept in the dark and know exactly what is happening throughout the entire process.

Being able to see what all of the potential buyers are bidding gives you confidence in the sale value of your property and it reaching the maximum market value.

Openn allows you to observe the bidding prices offered without the guesswork of private sale and closing date sales, expression of interest or the public scrutiny of an auction.

With transparency comes trust. No vendor bids, no imaginary buyers and no shady agents. For the first time, you can trust the real estate agent who uses this process. You can ensure you’ve got the best price possible

Licensee Nic Di Rosso is an Openn Negotiation Auctioneer with a proven track record and many case study’s.  Contact Nic 0418 957 346 to find out ore and take advantage of his average days on market of 30 days.